Awesome Accordions website

Adding custom HTML

If you want to add your own custom accordion you can add a folder in your active theme folder with your custom template.  The themes are located in the wp-content folder on your root WordPress installation.

theme folder

Open the currently active theme and create a folder named ‘awesome-accordion’. Like in the example using the default WordPress theme – Twenty Seventeen.

create awesome accordion folder

In the folder you just created add a new file named default.php inside this file you can add your new custom layout code:

default theme file

You can add this code in the file to test if it is working:

You should see the text displayed in the frontend where you have the accordion shortcode as shown below:

frontend custom template

This function is designed to first check if there is a custom template in your theme if not the plugin template is loaded.

To get started with creating a custom template for the accordion, you can copy the existing code from the plugin; default template located in the following path inside your plugin files /public/partials/cards/default.php

plugin folder default template